Naz Demir Çelik Profil ve Sac Endüstrisi A.Ş. who is the first possession company under the iron and steel industry in Turkey’s , along with the pride of being the largest private investor of the sector. And continues the activities with 8 plants, including one in the investment process in 3 continents. Naz Çelik , has many production facilities in Osmaniye, Istanbul, Izmir, Algeria, Serbia and Montenegro, with the headquarters in Hatay Iskenderun.With its wide range of activities and strong infrastructure in the iron and steel sector, Naz Çelik offers its employees a unique career opportunity in this sector. Our company, established by the most experienced names of the sector to be the reliable and honest face of the construction sector, builds durable and robust structures for you to look at the future from the safe and solid structures as well as the sale of ready-mixed concrete, rebar and other construction materials. We are pleased to offer quality and honest service to all our customers from 20 years with the most reasonable prices in a smooth with disciplined staff who have been specialized in production, shipment, pre-production and after-production inspections and follow-ups.