The main objective of NAZ Human Resources Policy is to be one of the best examples in its sector in terms of Human Resources applications and one of the most preferred Companies to work with in the National/International arena, through a Human Resources system based on “Human” and “Continuous Improvement,” in accordance with company objectives and strategies.

Quality Policy

  • To ensure that construction activities be performed in compliance with local and international standards,
  • To understand customer requests and anticipations ideally and develop a service understanding beyond expectations,
  • To offer the services within the determined periods,
  • To be open to innovations all the time, no to compromise on quality, to put continuous development into practice in all fields as our primary principle,
  • To create a young, dynamic, broadminded team, aware of modern work relations, which knows the strength of sharing and team work, that have adopted the mission and vision of the company and that is willing to contribute in performance of the targets,
  • To create a business environment to enable the employees work with motivation within the company,
  • To offer an innovative and creative environment where employees will be able to develop their knowledge, skills and competences,
  • To create main business principles in accordance with Quality Management Systems and turn Quality Management Systems into living and developing mechanisms with the participation of all employees,
  • To work with our suppliers and sub-contractors in accordance with a principle based on mutual trust,
  • To ensure that social responsibilities be included in the priorities of our service concept.

NAZ Group aims to ensure that this policy should be understood by all employees within the company. This policy further constitutes the frame of the objectives and it is reviewed all the time.