Corporate and social responsibility is perceived as a top priority at Naz Group. Commitment to clients, employees, local communities, and the environment comes first for Naz Group. Therefore, Naz Group has adopted some specific principles to become a trusted and responsible company and employer. According to these principles, Naz Group cares about the health and safety of its employees, protects the environment, conducts business in an ethical manner, promotes local economies, and supports the social life of people.

Partnering with the Communities and the Society

Naz Group is not only responsible as a corporation, but also as a member of the societies it conducts business. Therefore, Naz Group gives great importance to social responsibility activities, such as share value or give back programs. Local Communities also receive the support of Naz Group through charity, sponsorship and donation programs. Naz Group believes that its work has full value only then when it helps and shares with others.
Working side by side with customers, communities, contractors, government entities, and local organizations, helps Naz Group to establish common goals around project benefits and risks. This also allows Naz Group to tailor its social investments and volunteer efforts to improve access to basic community needs. Therefore, Naz Group is committed to supporting the communities that host its projects and offices. As a matter of fact, Naz Group has established a specialized organization, the Naz Education Foundation (NEV), to organize such community programs and social responsibility activities.


The Naz Education Foundation (NEV) was established in 2009 in order to support the education and personal development of young people and children and also their support for and faith in superiority of knowledge. The NEV implements educational programs and social projects with a view to allow young people to be aware of their own potential and make contributions to ensure that they are brought up to become multifaceted, well-educated and productive individuals. The Foundation has been providing young people with educational support and offering strong opportunities for their personal and professional development through its Scholarship Program that it has been sustaining without discriminating. The Naz Education Foundation has provided over 5,500 students with non-refundable grants since it was established. It has been developing and implementing innovative educational models in order to enable young people to become active and responsible citizens. Within the scope of the principles of duty that it has adopted, its mission is to contribute to future through substantial social projects and permanent works that it has implemented primarily in the field of education, as well as a great many of other fields.

Culture and Art

In addition to its social responsibility activities in the field of education and community development, Naz Group supports also activities in the field of culture and arts. Some of the responsibility projects under culture and arts that Naz Group supports are as follows:
Naz Group is one of the sponsors of the worldwide known Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Naz Group has been selected the Commissioner General for the Turkish delegation, to the 45th Europalia International Arts Festival, an arts festival held since 1999 and in which Turkey was chosen as the guest country in 2014.